President Obama's decision to continue the Narrative that:
" No Religion , either Terrorist or Victim" will be tied to the current attacks by ISIS  and other Islamic groups are committing throughout the middle east and across the world....
That my friends may not just be a political Narrative...but Obama's  Master Plan...
and all Christians and Israel must know that Plan. 

Look at the map below.  
Israel is absolutely surrounded by The Islamic Brotherhood factions,
AL Qaeda, Hamas and ISIS.  It has been well documented that Iran and other Islamic countries would like to "Wipe Israel off the map."  
Well it's about to happen...and President Obama has been positioning the United States to take "No military Action again the demise, destruction and Murder of All Jews in the World and The Government & State of Israel.
This will give ISIS and Islamic Extremist total control of The Mideast...with Europe right behind them.  And America?  My friend who is a former Egyptian govt official says that Muslims will control The United States with in one more generation...15-20 years.  
How does that drastic change in Foreign Policy sit on your heart?
What can You do to prevent Evil to steal this earth from us...
(Hey Al Gore, forget Global Warming killing the Earth...your friends at Al JAzeera TV is doing it for us.)
Disagree or Agree...
What you say?



Maps Israel and Arab Countries
The land and people(in the red) are the land of Jerusalem. The land in the green are the Islamic controlled countries that want to "wipe them off the map". If you a betting man...what are the Odds that Jerusalem will survive a Major Attach?
I wont take that bet on any odds...not even a "Million to One"...

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