Psalm 46:  “Be still, and know that I am God;"  

I guess I'm not that Religious anymore.
I find that a Spiritual Journey is much more loving than the "rules" of Religion.
For Instance...I Love sharing The 12 steps with "Normies". 
You know..people who are not alcoholic.
I tell them: Just replace "Alcohol" ( mentioned only once in all the 12 steps) &
Replace it with YOUR Hurt, Habit or Hang up.
Un resolved issues with Family,
Issues with your Parents, 
The list is endless...because we all suffer from an Imperfect Broken, sin filled World.
Then work the steps.
Heres a thought. Our Life would be a more Peaceful Place,
if The Big Book was required reading in High School.
I'll trade woodshop for Dr. Bob anyday.

Here is the challenge...
When the modern day Pharisees ( Rightious Right)... reads the 3rd step..
"Made a Desecion to turn our Will and Life over to the care of GOD...
  as we understand HIM."

"Blasphemy" they shout.
There is only ONE GOD.

"What's this "GOD of My understanding thing?"

If the still drinking and suffering Alcoholic, 
Asked..."Who's GOD!"
The hard-liners, who don't understand this disease, proclaim...
"MY GOD!" & "Jesus is the only way!"
WRONG thing to say so a suffering Alcoholic.
At that point most would turn and run and never return to AA.
Most are mad at GOD and feel abandoned by GOD. 
They'll have no part of anything...
where that The Hate filled, Wrath and Judgmental GOD resides.

We have lost them because of using "OUR" timing...not GOD's timing.

What if those same Pharisees stood outside there own churches on Sunday asking folks...before the were allowed to enter:  "DO You Believe in MY GOD?"
Most would say..."I'm just searching."  
Would those same hard hearted Religious people proclaim,
"If you don't know MY GOD, you can't come into my gathering."
No Souls found that day...and Christians would continue to give Jesus a bad name.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

 "Everything that happens in this world at the time God chooses for it to happen."

So, I'm just not that Religious anymore.
I Trust Jesus... not The so called Religious Leaders.
Let GOD work though the steps with this man.
Those who have walked that path know that The Spiritual Awaking will come...
and when it does...GOD shows up in a big way.
Promises are being fulfilled among us -
sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.
They will always materialize if we work for them.
Big Book pg. 84

Trust GOD's Timming.

"GOD will "woo" you into a relationship with your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."
  John 6 :44



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