Prayer Warriors:
2 weeks ago...A Good Friend in the KC medical field and
who was familiar with Brads Condition...privately shared with me;
"There is not much Hope Mac. The Flu is gone, but his organs are all shutting down."
Sigh! :(

Then Jesus stepped in. 
Today... Brad is conscience and healing...but Brad is angry...Brad is a non believer.
Brads self speak is: "Why did GOD abandon 
me...I dont deserve this."This is the Accuser trying to ruin Brads spirit, which will make it harder for Brad to heal. So Prayer Warriors...I ask you to Pray this prayer for Brad...

"Brad...GOD Loves you,
Brad...GOD Believes in you ( even if you dont choose to believe in HIM)...
Brad... GOD will heal you."
Lets all whisper this out loud and ask that Brad hear our Prayers. 
GOD is good...we aren't done yet prayer warriors...but GOD is on the Move in Brad. 
I Love each of you...and so does GOD. ‪#‎Prayerworks‬

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