Husband shares story of Martial “Abuse!”

One of my passions is helping couple of all ages work through their Marital challenges.
With The #MeToo movement spreading across America…one husband wants MEN to know BOTH Husbands and Wives are guilty of abuse in so many ways.
This story, shared by permission, was written by a husband to his wife . They have both been enlightened by how they treat each other. This couple is now aware that Martial ABUSE is committed by both parties in a relationship.  Blessings to this couple who are working hard to grow their marriage with truth.

“When you cut me  off from Physical intimacy…
and I respect “your” decisions for “your” body…
yet you call me sexually abusive…because I want to make love with you…YOU might be the Abuser.

When you stop taking me to family gatherings…yet you blame me for being distant from our family…
& you call me abusive…you are most likely The Abuser.

When you accuse me of not making enough money…after I supported your career for 12 years and you end up making more money that I do…
You call me financially abusive…
You are absolutely… The Abuser.

But… when you constantly hit and assault me, in front of family and friends…over and over again,
and then you tell me you don’t have love for me anymore…
…yet you call me emotionally abusive…
You have once again Proven YOU ARE the Abuser.

You lie to Pastors and use it all as reasons for abandoning “us” & breaking your covenant with GOD:
“I will remain faithful,
in sickness and in health,
whether rich or poor,
in sorrow and in joy.
This I promise, until death do us part.”
When you choose to break that covenant…
You Prove to GOD… you ARE The True Abuser.
I always pray for you…
And I still forgive you. That’s MY True LOVE.
Forgive yourself as I have Forgiven YOU & return to GOD’s Covenant for both of us.
HIS  Blessings will be Rich and rewarding. AMEN.

NOTE:  Because of his heartfelt letter and months of counceling filled with humilty and forgiveness, this couple reconsiled and are living The Rich life GOD intended for their union…a marriage blessed by GOD.abuse

men get abused

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