Loving them all the way to Hell

I have received “flack” from some of my Christian Brothers & Sisters
for being so outspoken
about the Planned Parenthood Revelations of not only KILLING babies…
but selling their human parts.
Yes, Planned Parenhood sells MORE than just books…

So I asked the question: “As a Jesus Follower, should I back off ?”

When I posted this question  on Social Media…my Friend Kevin as well as 100’s more posted some encouraging words to me: 
“People dont know the Law…they dont know Christ ( seriously, could anyone truly be a Christ follower and approve of Abortion.  “Thou Shall Not Kill”  
(Im pretty sure GOD meant ALL his children )  

“People supporting Abortions… They dont know the Gospel.
Keep up the fight Mac! “

 “Jesus said: Go out into the World and “Make” Disciples of ALL men.”
 “Make”… is not always a gentle, Loving nudge Mac.  

Eph 5 :11
11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible.”

 Exposing Light in the darkness makes some people very defensive.
( have you ever been awoken by someone ripping open the  Curtains and exposing you to masive amount of Light?) Those souls are tough people, very difficult to reach sometimes with out a little push back.  Done in Love…tough Love.”

” It took A Life 
Trauma for Jesus to get my attention…and it didn’t happen until 16 years after the TRAUMA.
Oh sure…we can “speak in Love Mac”…but sometimes it’s the Tough Love that
brings us to our knees at the foot of the cross.”  

“Jesus was THE example of Tough Love.
 Time after Time he rebuked The Pharisees calling them “Oh you Evil Brood of Vipers.”
In 1st Century Christianity, those words that was equale to MF, the N word, Fagot etc…Jesus used very harsh language to rebuke The followers of The Accuser.”
Thanks for the input kids.
If the Law is not shared with the world…the next generation wont know Killing Babies, Homoosexuality, Coveting… IS WRONG !  
Are we just going to “Love” these people all the way to Hell?
Hell NO!…
We all have the calling in Mathew 28…Make disciples !
I am very blessed to be on a team of Christians taking this calling seriously using everyone of our GOD given gifts. Some are gentle,  soft souls…
Souls that can also be bruised by harsh words from the 

GOD gave me the soul of a Warrior…a Warrior for Christ.  
He brings me 
alongside the Tough Souls…sometimes we call them the EGR crowd.  Extra Grace Required.  
The men and women that need to be told over and over…
Jesus Loves YOU & Your Identity is in HIM…

Yes YOU!
 A rowdy, cussing, self centered, sexual Deviant of a human being.  I love those souls. Bring them to me. Bring the lost, broken, abandon and beytrayed unloveable souls to me oh Lord.  Allow me,  through GOD…to show them their TRUE identity…in CHRIST!
They are a Perfect Child in Jesus eyes.  They will Not Be Judged for their sinful life…They will be Forgiven.  Forgiven of it ALL.

So thanks to all the gentle souls and their loving message about Christ.
You Bless me. For the EGR crowd…bring them to Mac.  Im ready with some tough Love.
I will Love them all the way to Heaven.

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