Has GOD abandoned America & Biblical History Repeated It’s Self ?

What hope do we have in our country when we have brutally slaughtered over 55 million innocent children? 
What respite is there for America,
…when we have passionately embraced “Darkness”…
& labeled it “Progress?”
How can America expect to stand when the One who sustains Her…
… is Rejected and Maligned? 
Do we think God is not there? 
Do we think He has no opinion on these matters? 
Do we think He is powerless to respond? 
OR…has He Responded…?
Has history Repeated itself.
Is GOD showing us how He responds to nations who go down these roads?
What you say?
Let Us Pray… “Oh Lord…I Repent of my wicked ways.
For I do not do… what it is, I want to do…and I DO, what I know, I shouldn’t Do.”
Forgive me Oh Lord.
I surrender my Life and My WILL into your loving arms.
Please, if it be your WILL…Heal America”.
Thanks Michael Demastus… you inspire me.
( oh crud…did I just rewrite a sermon? Is that Blasphemy? )

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