If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

If you were arrested for being a Christian…
(We will be mocked as members of “The Way!” )
Would there be enough evidence to convict you?
I see it like this:
Then what you say?

I expect, one day, we will be in the middle of a live show, one in which we are teaching from The Bible.
 Frank Holzhauser is arguing with Michael Demastus about what happened to the evil spirits after the pigs drown, while Robert Monserrate 
Ryan Northfield and Chris Rohloff looks on with a smile, counting how many times Franks says…”well, ya know.”

The “Federals” will burst into the studios and will be “served papers”…
A warrant for our arrests.
Charges: 1: Being A Follower of Jesus, “The Way” as they will call you, 
Proclaiming “As you began…you shall end”!
( think of the Mob yelling “Crucify Him!” )

2: Reading from the “Banned Book” 
Even saying “Bible” is seen as 
“purposely inflicting severe emotional abuse.”

3: Saying the name “Jesus” within the earshot of a minor child.
You will be branded as “abusive to children” and “child endangerment” 
You will be placed on the sex offenders list.

We will be sent to a “FEMA Camp”…something representing one of Hitler’s Concentration Camps.
We will never be heard from again.
You In?

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